Domperidone 10mgDomperidone 10mg is a cure improving the digestion by sufficient increase of intestine movements and constrictions of stomach and bowel. This medicine is commonly administered to patients after surgeries and central anesthesia. It is known as the best cure for removing nausea and vomiting after surgeries and anesthesia as well as during the treatment with other medications which can cause digestive side effects.

This is a prescription drug which comes in form of pills of 10mg, oral suspensions, intravenous injections, suppositories. The medication should given only by strict medical supervision and should never be taken on one’s own. The pills are impossible to buy in local drug stores without your doctor prescription. However there is always a chance to buy Domperidone online. This will save your time and money. We must warn you that Domperidone is not a safe and innocent medication. It can sufficiently change the way you digestive system functions. Please, talk to your doctor just before starting your treatment.

Domperidone is known under other brand names as Motillium, Molax, Nomit, etc.

Apart from treatment of side effects during treatment with other medicines, this pill is administered also improve and fasten the movement of food through stomach and intestines.

Which symptoms the drug will relieve or treat?

Domperidone is an effectively relieving drug and often used to ease such symptoms as heartburn, nausea, vomiting, lasting sensation of full stomach after meals, loss of appetite. You should keep strictly in mind that this drug does not treat a cause of these symptoms. It is used only to help ease the symptoms if you know that the symptoms are occasional.

  • Heartburn can be a sign of gastric ulcer or problems with increased gastric acidity
  • Loss of appetite may point to a great scope of problems as pain, dysfunction, imbalance, inflammations. In case a patient loses appetite occasionally Domperidone is a perfect alternative treatment which will improve the function of your stomach and ease the digestion
  • Vomiting can be a symptom of pain, intoxication, ulcer diseases of intestines and stomach and of many other conditions.

Remember, these are only symptoms and not conditions. Domperidone will ease your sensations but will not cure a disease causing such unpleasant symptoms. This means that the drug will rescue you from occasional symptoms, but if these occur again and again you need to immediately visit a doctor. Clinic will conduct necessary tests and will diagnose a disease causing the symptoms.

When Domperidone is taken?

Mind that this medicine does not treat the causes. The drug eases heartburn, sense of full stomach after meals, nausea and vomiting. However you should take the medication as soon as you feel the symptom as in this case you will just mask the signs of initial disease.

Remember the list of cases when you can safely buy Domperidone online and take it without contacting your doctor:

  • when you exactly know the disease causing the symptoms and you get treatment for your key disease
  • when you know that unpleasant symptoms of heartburn, nausea or vomiting are caused with other medicines you take for treatment of other (maybe non-related) diseases
  • when you know that these are the symptoms of over-consuming or sufficient changes in your everyday diet

You must never take Domperidone in the next cases:

  • if you do not know what are the causes of unpleasant symptoms
  • if the symptoms get repetitive character and you can not associate their presence with certain factors as medicines intake, dieting

What to tell your doctor before starting Domperidone?

Domperidone is a medicine which has its own precautions and contraindications which only your doctor should estimate against all the goods the medicine will do for you. But your doctor will need some information from you to decide on a dosage and frequency of intake.

Domperidone in allergic patients

Patients with allergic response to various medicines must not take the medicine without seeing a doctor and getting prescriptions. Any type of allergy a patient experiences on various triggers must be considered before starting this medication as allergic response can as severe as the patient will be able to cope with an allergic attack on his or her own. List any allergic responses your body can perform to any triggers you may face: food, care and cosmetic products, drugs, environmental triggers as pet fur or farina. This is essential information for your doctor to estimate the possible risks and harms for a patient.

The drug in pediatric patients

None of the forms of the drug has been tested on pediatric patients. There are no sufficient data of using the medicine in pediatric patients and adults. Kids are a special group of patients. In case of children treatment any mistakes are life critical. Only pediatrician may decide upon the administration of any medications as well as Domperidone 10mg, the dosages, the frequency of intake and the length of the course.

The matter is that infants have underdeveloped kidneys and liver. These organs may fail to function normally under a massive attack of medicines. Moreover Domperidone is a selective antagonist of certain dopamine receptors on periphery. When such medications are administered to children only pediatrician should take a decision on goods and bad impacts the medicine will produce on the body of a growing kid.

If you buy Domperidone online to treat symptoms in your kid, please, read carefully the instruction to the medicine, consult a doctor if possible. You must not give this drug to a kid. There are specific drugs which are developed to treat the symptoms in kids which will not affect badly their hormonal balance, kidneys and liver.

How to give Domperidone to kids

Domperidone provides accumulative effect and is used as additional cure to ease the symptoms while the main disease is treated with other drugs. This medicine should be given in certain dosages at certain time of day in equal intervals exactly as a doctor prescribed it to a patient. Kids better tolerate and take the suspension, while teenagers will easily take Domperidone 10mg pills.

A kid should get a dosage of the drug even if the symptoms are not present at the moment as in this case the remedy will prevent unwanted sensations.

Domperidone in geriatric patients

Aged people commonly experience chronic gastric diseases and the Domperidone is not the best treatment for this case. Numerous studies have proved that this medicine works well to relieve the symptoms but can not be used for a long time.

Before being administered this medication, aged patients should be examined and certain gastric tests should be made before the cure will be administered.

When giving the drug to geriatric patients you should keep to the same precautions. Learn about contraindications and precautions for Domperidone cure in the next paragraphs of this review.

Breastfeeding and Domperidone 10mg

This drug affects the hormonal balance of the body and promotes the release of prolactine which promotes lactation and increases the volume of milk produced. In some countries the drug is used off label in breastfeeding women experiencing troubles wit lactation. In this case they get prescribed the medication Domperidone 10mg to normalize the lactation.

The drug does not harm new born babies. It is not recommended to use the drug on your own without talking to your gynecologist. If you experience troubles with lactation (lack of breast milk in particular) then Domperidone is a good choice for you. Please, be sure to contact your doctor to discuss dosages and frequency of drug intake.

How Domperidone affects other medications

Interaction is one of the most dangerous reactions a patient can perform when taking various drugs (especially, when the intake is not agreed with a doctor). Some medicines may interact with others causing anaphylaxis. This is a severe reaction of your body caused by interaction of various remedies. This case needs immediate medical help.

However in most cases remedies interact without any symptoms present. Some medications can reduce the efficacy of other drugs. In this case a patient receives less of necessary drug and the condition which is treated with this drug may sufficiently worsen.

Another case is when one drug increases the action of another drug and thus a patient gets more of some active ingredients. This may lead to intoxication and overdosing.

That is why it is of ultimate importance to know which medicines interact and which are allowed to be taken together.

Domperidone is not recommended to be taken with:

However drugs may interact not only with other drugs but with drinks and foods. Domperidone is not recommended to take with fresh grapefruit juice, strong alcohol and tobacco (smoking stimulates the same receptors as the drug and also is known to improve bowel movements for short periods of time). If you experience gastric problems you will need special prolonged or even life long diet. Alcohol must be eliminated, especially when taking Domperidone 10mg.

Warning cases not to take Domperidone

Domperidone is available in many countries over the counter in lowest dosages to treat heartburn. However even the smallest dosages of the drug may sufficiently affect the symptoms and the next conditions. Patients having next problems and diseases must not take Domperidone without doctor prescriptions or knowing about your self treatment. The symptoms which tell you to eliminate the Domperidone curing:

  • gastric bleedings or bleedings of unknown origin
  • tumors in the brain especially of pituitary gland as the drug affects the production of hormones which are controlled by certain brain parts
  • liver diseases and renal dysfunctions as the fails of these filtering organs may lead to critical increase of concentration of the active ingredients of the drug in the blood of patients

Which dosages of Domperidone effectively treat certain symptoms

buy domperidone onlineYou can buy Domperidone online in various dosages, however different symtpoms requrie diffrent dosages of the medication for adults and for kids.

Though this drug is safe and is not known to produce severe side effects. But you never should follow prescriptions given to other people. As every condition requires individual prescriptions.

If you experience severe symptoms of motility disorders. In this case you will need to take 10mg of Domperidone at a time. Avoid consuming foods and drinks which may provoke motility disorders. It is recommended to take three to four times per day till the symptoms seize.

If you experience the severe symptoms of vomiting and nausea, you will need 20mg of Domperidone at a time taken up to four times per day.

Lower dosages will not ease the symptoms, while higher dosage may provoke side effects. Please, keep to the instructions given on a label of the drug to avoid unwanted reactions. Do not take the medicine more frequently then it is allowed.

How to withdraw the Domperidone?

If you buy Domperidone online without prescription then take it exactly as it is indicated on te label. This drug is not for systematic use and can be withdrawn safely and immediately. However you should remember that the drug is for ease of symptoms but not for curing the main disease. That is why to find out exactly whether you can withdraw the medication or not you should get certain gastric tests made in the clinic.

Withdraw Domperidone 10mg only when you are sure you do not have bothersome symptoms. If you take the drug regularly in due intervals of time, then you will easily track the presence of symptoms.

The withdrawal of the drug will not harm you, but be ready to feel the gastric symptoms back.

You also should immediately see a doctor if your symptoms get worse with the drug. This may point to some severe diseases and dysfunctions.

Domperidone is known to produce rapid calming effect. If you feel unpleasant symptoms through the action of medication, then you must see a doctor immediately.

Patients should also immediately see a doctor if they notice milk flowing from their nipples. This symptom may occur as in women (not breastfeeding), so in men. This points to the critical increase of prolactine which is dangerous as for men so for women (who are not pregnant or breastfeeding).